Add New

Tapping ‘Add New’ takes you to the ‘Create Expense’ screen. This is where you enter your expense transactions into the app.

Accounting Software add transaction

Accounting Software add transaction

Upon selecting this option, you are presented with a brand new blank transaction template to complete.

This comprises the following data fields to fill/options to select:

  • Amount - Enter the transaction amount
  • Currency - Tap this button to select a different currency
  • Rate - Set currency rate (appears if different currency is selected)
  • Expense (To) - Select the Expense (To) account# that this transaction pertains to
  • Payment (From) - Select the Payment (From) account# used for this expense, e.g. your Bank
  • Payee/Supplier - Select a Payee (Home) or Supplier (Business) to associate with this transaction (optional)
  • Reference - Enter an (optional) Reference value for this transaction
  • Date - Enter the Date for this transaction
  • Description - Enter an (optional) Description value for this transaction

The list of available accounts reflects (and syncs with) your expense and payment accounts in the desktop software. To add further accounts in the app, you must first add them in the software.

There are two further buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Finish - Tap this to complete the expense transaction
  • Cancel - Tap this to cancel the expense transaction

Once you tap ‘Finish’ to complete the transaction, you will be presented with the ‘View Expense’ screen (see below), enabling you to review the transaction you have just entered.

Accounting Software edit transaction

Accounting Software edit transaction

If you wish to edit this transaction, you can do so by tapping the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the screen.

To review previous transactions, tap ‘Previous’.

If you wish to add a new expense, tap ‘Add New’.

To return to the Main Menu at any time(both in the app and in this help guide), tap the Home icon in the top left of the screen.