This screen offers a number of configuration options for the mobile app.

Accounting Software settings

Accounting Software settings

The Settings page offers the following configuration sections and options, activated/accessed by tapping the relevant switch/icon:

Application Start

  • Display Welcome Screen - tap this switch to display the Welcome screen on app launch


  • Map Payment to Expense - if this is active, the Payment field will be autofilled with the most recent value entered against the selected Expense account in a transaction
  • Show Transaction ID in Expenses - if active, displays the Transaction ID in the Add/View/Edit Expenses screen
  • Amount Keyboard - select between Numeric/Text/Phone keyboard for entering amounts (used if the default keyboard does not display a decimal point)


  • Only One Date - if active, you will only be able to expand one date’s entries in the Balances screen


  • Delete All Local Data - tap this to delete all local data on the device (including login information)
  • Refresh - tap this to manually sync the app with the server
  • Show app logs - tap this to view app log data (used for support purposes)

N.B. The Refresh option is used to force the app to update account/project visibility if these have been edited in the desktop program. It will not cause your transaction data to be downloaded to the desktop.

To return to the Main Menu at any time(both in the app and in this help guide), tap the Home icon in the top left of the screen.